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What Will Happen When They Give The Green Light To Millions Of Radicals To Cause Widespread...

•, by Michael Snyder

Violence and crime are already completely out of control all over the United States.  In fact, you definitely wouldn't want to be caught in the streets when hordes of our lawless young people are running wild.  If things are this bad already, what is going to happen if the election in November does not go the way that leaders on the left want and they give the green light to millions of radicals to cause widespread chaos all over America?  I think that we got a small preview of what this could look like during the riots of 2020.  Unfortunately, since that time the open border policies of the Biden administration have allowed millions of extremely desperate people to come pouring into this country.  The stage is being set for civil unrest on a scale that we have never seen before, and it certainly isn't going to take much to push our society over the edge.

Just look at what is happening in New York City.  Crime in the subway system is so bad that Governor Kathy Hochul has decided to call in the National Guard

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul is sending in the state National Guard to New York City to help police curb a surge in crime in the city's subways.

Announcing a five-point plan on Wednesday, the Democratic governor said she was deploying 750 members of the National Guard to the subways to assist the New York Police Department with bag searches at entrances to busy train stations.

"For people who are thinking about bringing a gun or knife on the subway, at least this creates a deterrent effect. They might be thinking, 'You know what, it just may just not be worth it because I listened to the mayor and I listened to the governor and they have a lot more people who are going to be checking my bags,'" Hochul said at a news conference in New York City.

Have things gotten so bad that we need to bring in soldiers with guns to keep order on the subways?

Apparently so.

Mass transit crime is also a major problem in Philadelphia, and it is being suggested that the National Guard should be deployed there too…

Transit Workers Union Local 234 President Brian Pollitt is demanding accountability from Gov. Josh Shapiro, Mayor Cherelle Parker, and SEPTA officials after a string of violent crimes on and around Philadelphia mass transit over the last few weeks.

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