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Moment Miami cops arrest pop singer Sessi for driving with FAKE diplomatic plates...


A New York singer who claimed to be an 'ambassador at large' with 'immunity rights' was arrested for allegedly driving a car with fake diplomatic license plates. 

Cecilia Selina Mercado, a 32-year-old singer born in Bronx who performs under the moniker 'Sessi', was taken into custody by Sunny Isles Beach police on Tuesday evening after being seen behind the wheel of an Audi Q5 with fake diplomatic tags.

According to her arrest report, Mercado told officials that she is a 'diplomat' and an 'ambassador at large' with immunity rights - a claim she continues to maintain. 

Video footage from the moment of her arrest shows Mercado behind the wheel of the car, telling officers that the car was registered with the 'Department of State'.

An officer is seen holding her arm and asking her to step out as her passenger, later identified as Scott Huss, makes the bizarre claim that she is not a US citizen - despite her being born in the Bronx - and yells that police 'don't have jurisdiction' over her. 

A voice is heard telling the two cops they will lose their jobs and that they will have to pay Mercado $250,000 after he takes them to court.

Ultimately, the cop yanks Mercado out of the car and handcuffs the singer. 

Officials later noted that despite possessing a Florida driver's license, she handed them her passport when they asked for identification. 

The police department later released a statement: 'The female driver shown in the video was stopped by our officers for traffic violations. She then stated she had "immunity". She repeatedly refused to comply with officers' orders and was placed in handcuffs.