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State TV Slobbers Over State of the Union

•, By Matt Taibbi

After Joe Biden's State of the Union address Thursday night, ABC tossed back to set. Chief Washington correspondent Jonathan Karl was already out of breath, ready to make sexy time, as his colleague Borat Sagdiev would say.

"This is probably the largest, if not one of the largest audiences President Biden will have before the election come November," Karl began. No shit. Because they can't risk letting him campaign before then. "Now our chief White House correspondent, Mary Bruce… I'm curious what you're hearing from your sources. Did he do what they wanted them to do?"

This is what Mary Bruce said:

"I can tell you the White House is very happy right now. I bet there are a lot of high fives going on right now…. The White House feels that he nailed this, that he put his critics on their heels at every turn… I think the overarching message coming out of this speech was really, game on… And the tone of it was just so classic Biden! It wasn't polished, lofty rhetoric. It was folksy, it was personal. He was funny at times… He repeatedly put Republicans on notice. He sparred with them in the room in a way I don't think we've ever seen before…"

The White House feels he nailed this? Real talk, if the job is to instantly relay the White House's opinion on the White House's speech, why do we need ABC? Why not cut right to a levitating Jake Sullivan head declaring, "PEOPLE OF EARTH! YOU ARE ENTHRALLED!" At least MSNBC has the sense to just cut out the middleman and hire Jen Psaki. Sorry: MSNBC had two former White House communications directors on to give reaction instructions.