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6 Ways to Make Organic, GMO-free Food More Affordable

•, By John C. A. Manley

How expensive?

Well, that depends on the item. Some organic food can actually be less expensive than non-organic (for reasons I'll explain). But, yes, on average a $100 grocery bill is going to become $150.

Is it worth it?

If you don't care whether or not you eat toxic chemicals and genetically modified organisms, then no. If you don't mind spending the last twenty years of your life counting pills, scheduling doctor appointments or living in a nursing home, then don't buy organic. If you'd rather save money than save yourself from cancer, heart failure and dementia, then forget about it. If you've no desire to reduce downtime thanks to cold, flues and other so-called "infectious" diseases, then keep on buying food that has been grown in genetically modified poison.

Otherwise, better health is what you are paying for — as buying organic diverts money away from toxic chemical companies and directs it toward employing more farm hands (for weeding) and buying better seeds (for pest-resistant plants).

Now, unless you're living in third-world conditions, paying extra for "expensive" organic food is probably within your reach (especially if you have one of those expensive smartphones within your reach). And, who knows, the extra health, energy and brain function it brings you might, just might, lead to a higher income.

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