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It Began With Nixon

•, By eric

Unloved by the people who actually run (as opposed to fronting) the federal government, Nixon was removed from office by one of them, with assistance from many others. The man was Mark Felt, better-known by his alias, "Deep Throat." He was deputy assistant director of the FBI and passed over by Nixon for the top spot. For this – and not for anything else that merited it – Nixon had to pay.

Not for creating arguably one of the most pernicious federal "agencies" – as the tentacles of the federal apparat are styled. The one he added being the Environmental Protection Agency, which stopped protecting the environment about 30 years ago and since that time has been using that excuse to protect itself and its power to "regulate" – i.e., effectively dictate – which kinds of vehicles Americans will be allowed to buy and how much it's going to cost them.

Not for setting in motion the transition of the medical profession into the "health care" industry – via Health Maintenance Organizations. Which never "maintained" anyone's "health" but did vastly enrich the "health care" industry at the expense of countless millions of people's health. As well as at their expense, on top of that. Instead of paying to see the doctor, people now pay for coverage. You can thank Nixon for that.

His inheritors simply made it mandatory.

Nixon also went to China – as if legitimizing and colluding with the mass-murdering Communists who controlled that country was a good thing for the people of this country. You can see the results for yourself – at Wal Mart.

And everywhere else.

Nixon was able to "open the door" – as it was styled, favorably – because Nixon was portrayed as anti-Communist and "tough." This shut up anti-Communist conservatives – who would have been much harder to silence if, say, it had been a "liberal" who went to China. Just as conservatives in our time have been silent for the most part about the Orange Man's "warp speeding" of those "beautiful" drugs that were never vaccines into pre-arranged existence (no new drug gets developed from scratch in a matter of mere months).

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