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Biden Divulges NWO Secret Weapon

•, Bowne Report

The average person isn't supposed to know that the U.S. and Chinese Military have been testing operation ready ground and space based DEWS or directed energy weapons for at least a decade. Instead we are supposed to sit down and shutup and believe it is a Jewish Space Laser conspiracy.

But according to the U.S. Government Accountability Office "Directed energy weapons.....can produce force that ranges from deterrent, to damaging, to destructive. Many countries, including the U.S., are researching their use......Different types of electromagnetic energy have different properties.High energy lasers produce a very narrow beam of light, usually in the infrared to visible region, and are typically used on one target at a time. The beam can be pulsed or continuous, generating a power output of at least 1 kilowatt. This output is 200,000 times greater than a typical laser pointer and is capable of melting steel."

And if the government is complicit in the Covid Vaccine genocide, what makes you think that they wouldn't use DEWS supported by law fare to drive people off their land to cordon the population into smart cities to quicken Agenda 2030?

Furthermore, wouldn't the Great Reset agenda utilizing a covert satellite based laser weapon in concert with weather modification technology waging mass murder, land theft and agricultural devastation benefit greatly, while hiding behind the climate change narrative?