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A bombshell win: vaccine mandates for police and ambulance drivers ruled a breach...


Two years late: Two legal wins, and a Senate investigation

Two years after police and ambulance drivers were forced to get Covid injections, the Queensland Supreme Court has ruled that the vaccine mandates were unlawful. Because this decision is about human rights, it's may also apply to other humans (we hope).  So lawyers all over the country are sitting up and paying attention.

This follows on from a South Australian decision a few weeks ago where the Employment Tribunal found that an employer (the state government) was liable for any injuries caused to staff by mandatory injections required in the workplace.

And possibly related to all this, in 2022 10,000 Australians died above and beyond the normal rate and no one (officially) knows why. The Australian Senate has decided (on the fourth try, and only by one vote) they can say for sure someone should definitely look into this. This banal, but good outcome was possibly a parliamentary world first — which says a lot about the state of democracies around the world because the same odd patterns of deaths is occurring in pretty much every democracy.

The Labor Party and Greens voted against it, presumably being worried about industrial relations but fine with dead bodies.

Forced vaccination finally deemed unlawful

QLD Supreme Court declares Police and Ambulance vaccine mandates unlawful

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In a landmark ruling, the Queensland Supreme Court has declared the Covid-19 vaccine mandates for police and ambulance staff to be unlawful under the Human Rights Act.

The ruling, which declared the mandates to be in breach of the Human Rights Act, comes after 38 Queensland Police staff, including 16 officers, were reportedly sacked for refusing to get vaccinated.