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Who are the WEF Youth program Leaders Updated with 2023 class??


The List that will be launched contains some of the highest

This is an anonymous effort to create awareness of the global networking group whom in some instances collude and cross pollinate their business and corporate careers with the WEF's powerful network of global elites.

This list might have minor inaccuracies and the creators cannot 100% verify that all the information is correct as it is based from internet available information on individuals listed. 

Global Leaders for Tomorrow/Young Global Leaders 5 year curriculum:


Attending Emerging Leaders will provide you with:

• Effective leadership and design communications and negotiations strategies and strategic messaging plans.

• Tools to build strong, accountable agencies and institutions at the national, regional and local level, even in situations obstacles of corruption and weak governance.

• An understanding of how to act in real time, mobilizing knowledge for social change and harnessing the power of social media and the internet

• Skills for fostering trust, negotiating wisely and cooperating successfully in a political environment

• The ability to make evidenced-based decisions in a world of ambiguity

• Awareness in key policy areas affecting the well-being of your country and community

• The capacity to exercise moral leadership within your organization and structure your environment in ways that promote ethical decision making

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