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Doug Casey on the Migrant Crisis and the States Increasingly Defying the Feds

• International Man - Doug Casey

International Man: During his presidency, Joe Biden implemented an open border policy with thousands of migrants entering the US daily.

The number of migrants that have entered the US illegally since Biden took office is easily in the millions. The invasion has put immense pressure on frontline states.

Where do you think this trend is headed?

Doug Casey: In December 2023 alone, at least 300,000 of these people crossed the border. The numbers are going up. And I wonder, where are you going to put them? They arrive with nothing more than the shirts on their backs, but need a place to sleep and something to eat.

What is the purpose of welcoming these people in to become wards of the State? There is already no place to put them, other than schools, airports, or public buildings. But millions more are on the way. Many hotels, like the Roosevelt in New York, have been rented for them. For the next step, people may be asked, or ordered, to make their second homes or guest houses available to the migrants. Or perhaps spare bedrooms in their homes.

You might think that's absurd. And it is. But something will be done to accommodate millions of aliens who are encouraged to enter the US. They're immediately made into welfare recipients.