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The Ever Expanding War

• https://www.paulcraigroberts.orgPaul Craig Roberts

The expansion has begun.  The latest news is that Israel has struck deep into Lebanon:  "War Expands With Massive Israeli Airstrikes 60km Deep Into Lebanon,"

The Arabs, likely restrained by Putin, have once again sat on their butts while Israel picks them off one by one.  Only the Houthis but not a single Arab or Muslim country came to Hamas' help.  Consequently, the Arabs sat sucking their thumbs while Gaza and Hamas were  destroyed. The arabs accepted Israel's genocide of the Palestinian people.  Evil prevails when it is left unopposed.

If Hezbollah, Syria, the Iraqi militias, and Iran had joined Hamas' attack, Israel today would not exist. Having missed their chance, they will now be knocked off one at a time by Israel and Washington.

Already before Israel is finished with Palestine, Israel has attacked with missiles and jet fighters deep into Lebanon.

It appears that the Israeli-Washington strategy is to attack Lebanese cities to set off civil war between the Lebanese army and the Hezbollah militia so that Israel can take advantage of civil war in Lebanon to drive Hezbollah out of southern Lebanon and take possession of the water resources that Israel covets.

When Hezbollah is finished, Washington and Israel will wipe out the Iraqi militias and attack Syria, a section of which containing the oil fields Washington already occupies.