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East Palestine, Ohio Residents Greet Joe Biden With 'Let's Go Brandon' Chants...

•, by Kelen McBreen

Hundreds of Trump supporters gathered on the streets of East Palestine, Ohio to voice their disgust at Joe Biden's political stunt as he's finally visiting over a year after a toxic train derailment changed the town forever.

A Norfolk Southern train derailed in the area in February of last year, sending toxic chemicals used in plastics manufacturing into the surrounding environment.

Real America's Voice journalist Ben Bergquam filmed chants of "Let's go Brandon" and "USA" echoing throughout the downtown area while patriots waited for Sleepy Joe's arrival.

A local resident and business owner told ABC 5 that some East Palestine residents wanted to block the road leading into town to prevent Biden from entering the city and delivering his speech.

"It's been over a year and now he wants to come when it's election time," the man said.

Sleepy Joe's handlers kept him away from the MAGA crowd and had him shuffling around select areas of the small town.

Biden's speech was predictably lackluster and full of cringeworthy gaslighting.

He mumbled, saying the job of cleaning up from the spill is "not done yet" and claiming his administration will "hold Norfolk Southern accountable."

The elderly politician called the disaster "an act of greed that was one hundred percent preventable" because the railroad company didn't take the proper precautions.

"My administration was on the ground within hours, working closely with the governor, the mayor, the senators, the House members, community leaders to make sure you have everything you need," he claimed.