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Watch: Dems Freak Out as GOP State Rep Reads Sexually Graphic Middle School...


Democrat state reps in New Hampshire grew uncomfortable and halted a hearing this week as a Republican rep began to read sexually graphic material from books available in public middle school libraries.

Highlighting how leftists were mischaracterizing a bill aiming to ban "obscene or harmful sexual materials" from schools as "book banning," State Rep. Glenn Cordelli attempted to read a passage from one of the proposed banned books to illustrate the depravity of the so-called literature.

Rep. Cordelli was barely able to read a few graphic sexual passages from a book before Democrats began loudly shouting him down, with a vote later being held on whether he could continue.

After a 201-173 vote allows him to proceed, Rep. Cordelli goes on to say:

"Materials like I just read are available in many schools, including Bedford High School, Dover Middle School and High School, Exeter schools and many schools including the governor Wentworth School District… We need to focus on academic achievement and knowledge. The state average for English language arts in the fifth grade is just over 50%. For math, it's below 40%.

"Let's be honest, these explicit sexual and age inappropriate materials have no place in our schools. And I repeat, this is not about banning books. It's making sure that your children have access to age appropriate educational materials, period."