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Joe Biden's green energy plan is a gift to China, experts warn, amid fears Beijing could...


Beijing could plunder more than $100billion from US taxpayer funding thanks to a 'naïve' plan by Joe Biden to boost the American renewable industry, can reveal.

Exclusive industry data shows China has already planted its flag on a dozen green energy projects that could benefit from uncapped tax credits.

The scheme, which could cost the US taxpayer $1.2trillion overall, was designed to improve American competitiveness in sectors that China currently dominates, including solar and electric vehicles.

But experts are now warning it could in fact allow Chinese firms to 'extend their global monopoly' and 'dominate' the US market.

The issue has also divided once tight-knit communities across America as huge Chinese corporations land in their backyards, sparking environmental and security concerns.

A backlash against a plan by CCP-linked firm Gotion to build a $2.4billion EV battery plant in Green Charter Township, Michigan, saw locals overthrow their entire township board after it backed the proposal.

And last month a joint House committee investigation found four 'highly troubling' Chinese firms were behind another EV battery project in the Wolverine State.

Industry experts and Republicans are now urgently calling on the President to bar Beijing from swallowing billions of dollars of US taxpayer money and focus support exclusively on American firms.

Jeff Ferry, chief economist at the non-profit Coalition for a Prosperous America, said the Biden administration had left the subsidies open to international firms because it was 'naïve' and the 'political equivalent to people who wear flowers in their hair'.

'They're going to get f***** over,' he told 'In the real world, it's nasty and competitive.