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Letter from Cheyenne: We Make History re Clean Elections

•, By Dr Naomi Wolf

Yesterday, here in lovely, spacious, friendly Cheyenne, Wyoming, was a day I will always remember.

State Senator Tim Salazar, to the left, had responded to our call on WarRoom, in which we asked state legislators from across the country, to invite me to their statehouses so that I could present the CleanElections Model Bill that Phill Kline of AVA, and I from DailyClout, had drafted together. Rep Heidi Sampson in Maine filed the bill last week with the Reviser's Office, and she argues on behalf of the bill before the Legislative Council of Maine, next week. So she gets kudos for being first to file. But Sen Salazar also gets a place in history, in my view, and now he is joined by Sen Bo Biteman, who agreed to cosponsor the bill with Sen Salazar, as Sen Salazar was first to reach out to me to get me physically to his statehouse. I want to credit all of these courageous, action-oriented legislators. I ask others to join now and invite me to their statehouses.

Briefly, it was a highly successful day in Cheyenne, the first of two; I head back in to the Statehouse this afternoon, Wednesday the 15th of February.

Yesterday I was warmly welcomed by Sen Salazar, who also introduced me in the gorgeous, wood-trimmed, stained-glass-roofed, historic Capitol building, to constituents of his who wanted to meet us, and also to candidates who are running in the near future for office. They all struck me in my brief meeting, as notably admirable, straightforward, brave and down-to-earth people — the kind whom you would want to have representing your interests. One of Sen Salazar's constituents was already struggling with election integrity issues, on a more local level.

These people all reminded me of the America of the recent past — a place in which people are not passive or followers; in which they take it upon themselves to solve their community's problems.