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O'Keefe infiltrates NO MAS MUERTES. Mexican men point guns, Demand 300 dollars...

•, OKeefe Media Group

BREAKING: @OKeefeMedia infiltrates secret NO MAS MUERTES, @NoMoreDeaths encampment in the middle of the desert in Aravaca, Arizona near the border. Posing as donors and land surveyors, and with the help of an illegal immigrant working undercover, OMG recordings show this nonprofit engaged in paranoia, hostility towards law enforcement and white people, recommendations to violate asylum law, and offers of for-profit services – actions related more to a human trafficking operation than a humanitarian nonprofit. Hidden cameras show Mexican men from Sonora and Tijuna pointing guns at our undercover illegal immigrant, and requesting 300 dollars cash to traffick him to Phoenix. Stuck inside the camp, our undercover journalist was interrogated and feared for his life. James O'Keefe had to put on a bulletproof vest with the word PRESS on it, and extract the journalist in a standoff at the gate. A "ministry" of the Universal Unitarian Church out of Tucson, @UUCTucson, and a 501c3 which does not file a public tax return, O'Keefe's "surveyor" team recorded No More Deaths staff in the camp discuss their operations in detail including their budget (400K) and discovered the identity of staff - which they went to great lengths to keep SECRET. The staff said "We are paranoid" and called our team of surveyors "white supremacists…"