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The Global Deep State: A Fascist World Order Funded by the American Taxpayer

• by John W. And Nisha Whitehead

That's not to say that the amount of taxpayer money flowing to foreign countries in the form of military and economic assistance is insignificant. Even at less than 1% of the federal budget, the United States still spends more on foreign aid than any other nation.

Moreover, this financial tyranny persists whether it's a Democrat or Republican at the helm.

However, the government is spending money it doesn't have on foreign aid programs it can't afford, all the while the national debt continues to grow, our domestic infrastructure continues to deteriorate, and our borders continue to be breached.

What is going on?

It appears that a corporatized, militarized, entrenched global bureaucracy is running the country.

This powerful international cabal made up of international government agencies and corporations—let's call it the Global Deep State—is just as real as the corporatized, militarized, industrialized American Deep State, and it poses just as great a threat to our rights as individuals under the U.S. Constitution, if not greater.

Clearly, we have entered into a new world order: fascism on a global scale.

It remains unclear whether the American Deep State ("a national-security apparatus that holds sway even over the elected leaders notionally in charge of it") answers to the Global Deep State, or whether the Global Deep State merely empowers the American Deep State. However, there is no denying the extent to which they are intricately and symbiotically enmeshed and interlocked.