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Infowars Dissects Jon Stewart's Sophisticated Propaganda


Stewart actually pointed out and mocked Joe Biden's blatantly poor mental state, but ended up claiming Donald Trump is also too old and fragile to hold office again.

The American Journal host Harrison Smith said Tuesday, "Donald Trump is not the one who forgets what he is saying halfway through every sentence. He's not the one who falls down the stairs constantly. He's not the one who falls off his bike. He's not the one who makes up words or says he talks to dead people or forgets when his son died. None of that is an issue for Trump so for @jonstewart to portray both of these candidates as equally old and incompetent is patently dishonest."

Smith posted on ????, "Jon Stewart is back, and it's up to us to counter his EXTREMELY sophisticated rhetorical trickery."

Stewart being allowed to poke fun at Sleepy Joe may also signal the establishment is preparing to replace him with a "better" candidate, which is rumored to be Kamala Harris, Michelle Obama or Ca. Governor Gavin Newsom.