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Ben Affleck, J.Lo, Tom Brady and Matt Damon steal the halftime Super Bowl adverts...


Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez star in Dunkin's advertisement for this year's Super Bowl, with Affleck breaking into a choreographed song - much to his wife's dismay.

The spot opens on J.Lo recording a track in her studio, when Affleck suddenly busts in with his entourage in tow.

'Here comes the Boston massacre!' he shouts. Accompanying him are Tom Brady on keyboard and Matt Damon on vocals.

The group, aptly named 'The DunKings,' pulls out all the stops in a desperate bid to make it on J.Lo's album, but she is not impressed. As the men trudge off, she calls out to Brady, letting him know he can stay.

'Chill. They're naming a drink after us,' Affleck tells Damon as the duo walk away, feeling the sting of rejection.

As millions tune in for the Super Bowl each year, brands are also vying for attention. Companies have forked out close to $7 million a piece for a 30-second spot in the hope of capitalizing on the buzz.

Other notable figures making an appearance include Beyoncé, who blasts off to outer space in a Verizon ad; and Arnold Schwarzenegger, who struggles to pronounce State Farm's tagline before Danny DeVito jumps in to save the day.

Here is a roundup of this year's standouts.

In the donut chain's star-studded Super Bowl spot, Ben AffleckTom Brady and Matt Damon crash Jennifer Lopez's recording session.

'What up, Bronx?' Affleck shouts as he enters the studio, clad in a blinged-out jacket.