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"Money Making Machine" – Did Colony Ridge Developers Pay Off Texas Governor Greg Abbott?

•, Glenn Beck and NY Post

Glenn Beck described Colony Ridge as a money making-machine. He pointed out that the mass immigration of 10 million people into the US is causing massive economic damage and is changing the politics and character of the US. Governor Greg Abbott has taken more than $1.5 million from the developers of Colony Ridge.

Colony Ridge is a 40-mile stretch of housing development that is 35 miles north of Houston and may house up to 75,000 people. It has attracted illegal alien settlement in the state of Texas while draining resources from neighboring cities. John and Trey Harris are billionaire brothers who developed the area and advertise fantasy home ownership that Beck says ends in default about 30% of the time. Both locals and law enforcement sources told the New York Post that they believe the Sinaloa and Gulf cartels bought property here early and have considerable influence.

Texas has seen a growing trend of real estate developers buying huge quantities of undeveloped land, creating primitive subdivisions, and selling the bare lots in a practice often paired with offering minimal down-payment, high-interest owner-financed loans.

Two federal agencies, the Justice Department and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, have filed lawsuits against billionaire brothers John and Trey Harris' company, accusing it of predatory lending and misleading advertising.

Governor Greg Abbott has taken more than $1.5 million from the brothers, who began the 40-square-mile development on unincorporated land in Liberty County 15 years ago.