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A Study Says Growing Your Own Food Is "Bad for the Climate." Here's Why They're Wr

• Organic Prepper - Marie Hawthorne

Important news: growing your own food is bad for the climate. Leave it to the experts if you love the planet.

Ever notice how we're not supposed to respond to any of our current crises by learning and bettering ourselves?  We weren't supposed to confront Covid with the conviction to improve our health through diet and exercise. We were just supposed to follow CDC guidelines.  We weren't supposed to ask difficult questions about how war in Ukraine could have been avoided. We were just supposed to accept whatever legacy media told us.  

And now it turns out that we are not supposed to address environmental concerns by shortening our food chains and lessening our reliance on complex transportation systems. 

Didn't you hear?  Growing your own food is bad for the climate.

Grow flowers, not food.

In what might be the stupidest article I've ever read, a new study from the University of Michigan announced that growing your own food in urban settings can emit five times as much carbon as those grown in "conventional" settings.   Scientists say that the emissions don't come from the vegetables themselves but from infrastructure in the form of sheds and raised beds.  They suggest that, for those who must garden, growing high-carbon input foods like tomatoes and asparagus is less harmful.  Those foods take a lot of carbon regardless of where they're produced.  Asparagus, in particular, is often flown into the U.S. from around the world.