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East Palestine, Ohio Water Still Contaminated As Biden Prepares Victory Lap

•, by Tyler Durden

The White House plans to do a victory lap on its response to the train derailment that nuked the small town with toxic chemicals one year ago. Yet, a new report reveals the federal government's response has been sub-par, with cancer-causing chemicals still found in surrounding rivers and streams. 

One year after the Norfolk Southern train derailment, NewsNation found toxic chemicals in rivers and streams around East Palestine. This comes even as the Environment Protection Agency has given residents the all-clear to return. 

As residents return, some are developing "rashes, chronic nose bleeds, respiratory infections and many other side effects," according to NewsNation. 

"I undressed to get into the shower, and I had a rash all over the side of my face on both sides and all over my chest," East Palestine resident Kaitlyn said.

Jessica Conard, another resident, said, "We are still experiencing some acute health care impacts" after the train derailment one year ago. 

"Ultimately, what we need to understand is that there are still unmet needs here in terms of medical, and the health of this community needs to come first," Conard said. 

Dr. Arthur Chang, the chief medical officer in the CDC's environmental health division, confirmed to the media outlet a chemical exposure blanketed the town and persisting symptoms from residents are proof:

 "We may not know how to get rid of the vinyl chloride from the body, but we know how to treat those cancers." 

Meanwhile, shortly after the incident, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine asked the Biden administration to issue a disaster declaration after 116,000 gallons of the carcinogen vinyl chloride exploded after the train derailment. The White House has since ignored this request while residents continue to suffer health problems. 

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