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Is the 'Take Back Our Border' Convoy a Government Psyop?


"I have 3 former associates doing lengthy prison sentences because of the J6 setup," one person wrote in the Telegram channel for the Texas contingent of the convoy. "I know first hand, even if they don't have charges they can pin on you, they will make some up." 

That could be one reason that the turnout for the convoy has been far less than expected despite the organizers having raised $138,000.

Regardless, the convoy is now in Texas and is likely to pick up a lot more participants going forward.

Business Insider:

An itinerary shared on the group's website states that the convoy was due to set out from Virginia on Monday, splitting into two groups aiming to pass through different border states before reaching Texas.

"The goal is simple — to shed light on the obvious dangers posed by wide open Southern borders," said a press release from the group shared by Fox News.

The group has had widespread media coverage, quickly growing its following on Telegram from around 1,000 over the weekend to more than 3,000 as of Tuesday — and raking in donations in the process.

"We're not going to blockade," an organizer said in a Sunday video address. "We don't want to cause any problems for law enforcement or the National Guard… we don't want to put anyone in danger."

Naturally, the left is wetting its pants over the convoy, despite its numerous statements about a desire to peacefully protest. That doesn't seem to matter to some radical-left groups. The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) issued its second-ever "National Alert" warning of possible violence.