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FBI Blocked Interview of Ex-Gov't Official Suspect in J6 Pipe Bomb Case, Says FBI Whistleblower

•, by Jamie White

An individual was caught on security cameras placing a pair of pipe bombs outside the Republican and Democratic National Committee buildings in Washington, D.C. the night before Jan. 6, 2021.

Former FBI agent Kyle Seraphin told the Daily Wire that his surveillance team used the security footage to track the suspect's movements shortly after he placed the bombs, where he first used a fare card at the Metro station then transferred to a car in Northern Virginia.

Apparently, the person of interest was also identified as a former U.S. military official.

Both the car and the fare card were in the name of "a retired Air Force chief master sergeant who was now working as a contractor with a security clearance."

At that point, Seraphin requested from FBI leadership permission to interview the suspect but was denied, and told to go after other J6 participants instead.

"Allegedly someone threw bombs around the Capitol which could have killed congressmen or a busload of nuns or anything, and the answer is you can't follow this guy around — you have to go to headquarters and read 'leads' where someone said 'I might've went to high school with some guy that was standing around the Capitol?'" Seraphin told the outlet. 

Seraphin said the bomber may not have been the same person who owned the Metro fare card or the car, but it was "a highly specific lead" that could have led investigators to the culprit.