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James O'Keefe is Releasing a Bombshell Tomorrow on DC (Today 4pm EST)

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People familiar with the story coming out tomorrow keep texting me, asking me about fear. I've taken the time to write a careful response.

At 39, I've lived a good life. Whether it's complete or not is not up to me. What happens next, I don't know. If there's more to come here, so be it. I've learned the pursuit of truth requires extreme risk while operating without a safety net. I've experienced so much. I've lived ten lives compressed into a fraction of one.

That's all that a man can hope for. Meteoric highs, extreme lows, and near-death experiences, Jail and jury trials, travels to every state dozens of times, adventures, travails, failures, betrayals, and loves lost and gained, repeated valleys, moving and climbing mountains, enduring multiple rebirths and renewals.

What I learned is written in three books, particularly American Muckraker, and filmed masterclasses, released and unreleased.

I've received love from a balanced family with honest parents and sincere grandparents who raised me to have a manically driven work ethic, all while believing in the best in people. From my vantage point, that last thing is on the verge of extinction unless things fundamentally change.

I built a good organization from nothing, which did good things. I'm taking lessons from the first company and building a better one from nothing, which I know will do more extraordinary things.

Challenging Leviathan itself is hard enough.

Leviathan doesn't like being challenged. But as nearly impossible as that is, the enemy and its injustice is no longer what bothers me. An enemy can't betray you. Only people you think are good can do that.

It has been an indescribable hell on earth for me to witness people go against everything they claim to believe in - everything good and right, in service to their love of money and power. I've witnessed envy destroy people whose hearts I thought I knew. I've seen an unhealthy obsession with comfort and safety from countless others. These weaknesses stand between us and what we're "up against."

Which leads me to the video I'm about to release.

I'm not suicidal, but I'm also not afraid to die.

Now, I'm indifferent to the outcome and frankly numb to the consequences of truth-telling. I've adapted to faith over fear.

The mission is to discover other people whose principles are not for sale — who will do the right thing rather than talk about doing the right thing. I'm tired of seeing 10s of thousands of people sliding into my DMs complaining to my team about how bad things are… and then they make excuses or do nothing.

I'm tired, Boss.

So here I stand; I can do no other. As has been said, "If they're gonna kill me, they're going to kill me." Let's do this. Let's get 2024 started. Let's inspire others to be brave. Let's raise the stakes. Let's expose them all!

In Truth,

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