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Biden Blackmail Intensifies: Won't Shut Border Until Congress Coughs Up Ukraine, Israel Funds

•, by Tyler Durden

As Republican governors circle the wagon around Texas, President Biden on Saturday doubled down on a reluctant agreement to secure the southern US border - but only if if Congress passes a bipartisan bill that would also allocate funds for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, and would still allow as many as 150,000 illegal crossings per month.

"If that bill were the law today I'd shut down the border right now and fix it quickly and bring a bipartisan bill that would be good for America and help fix our broken immigration system and allow speedy access for those who deserve to be here," Biden said, according to Fox NewsChad Pergram.

Except, as many have pointed out, Biden doesn't need Congress, or the bill, to do that right now.

As we noted yesterday, House Speaker Mike Johnson debunked the claim, saying "President Biden falsely claimed yesterday he needs Congress to pass a new law to allow him to close the southern border, but he knows that is untrue."

"As I explained to him in a letter late last year, and have specifically reiterated to him on multiple occasions since, he can and must take executive action immediately to reverse the catastrophe he has created," Johnson continued.

Last week, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) hit back against a Monday ruling by the Supreme Court which allows the Biden administration to cut razor wire that the state had installed along the US-Mexico border, while a broader lawsuit over the wire plays out. In fact, Texas responded by installing more razor wire.