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WEF Discuss's Artificial Intelligence Amidst Disinformation

•, By Helena Glass

In a bombshell revelation, The World Trade Organization declared that 'trade drives growth'…   But given all the wars, that might not be a feasible outcome…  Antonio Guterres and Klaus Schwab, aged 72 and 85 respectively said the current global system is an aging grandparent and a 'networked multilateralism of the 2030 Agenda must be implemented wherein 'all relevant players' across all sectors should be mobilized for inclusivity…   What the fark does that mean?

Networked Multilateralism:   is gob speak for globalization via coups.

Relevant Players:  is gob speak for those western coup countries and their minion governments who can serve the West.

All while Israel obliterates Palestinians, Syrians, & Yemeni's, and Ukraine targets civilians and children.  Without impunity.  And the Western  relevant players decry that "Trust" must be reaffirmed, in social, economic and political spectrums in an equitable transition.  While being responsible for all the bombing and wars.

What are they really pursuing?

Re-creation of countries into a globalized colony.   As populations age the economic security of the future becomes unstable.   Twofold measures became the solution:  1.  death of the elderly via Big Pharma,  2.  immigration of the young male populations of third world countries.   Death was used to eliminate large swathes of those considered nonproductive weights on society.   Due to Big Pharma infertility rates of the educated population, uneducated young males are needed to 'pick crops' work in fast food restaurants and fill the void in our militaries.

The women and children of these immigrant males are left behind to serve the masters who have taken over their countries;  Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Honduras.   All these countries boast vast resources, unparalleled beauty, rainforests, beaches and poverty.   Making them the perfect enclave for the western elite 'relevant players'.