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"You Will Own Nothing... Because They Will Steal Everything"

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Via Greg Hunter's,

David Rogers Webb (DRW) is a financial expert and former global money manager who lives in Sweden. 

Recently, DRW revealed the game plan of globalists like Klaus Schwab who publicly predicts, "You will own nothing . . ."  According to DRW, this is not some idle threat but a complicated active plan demonic Deep State globalist central bankers have been working on for decades.  DRW has explained this theft in a free book and documentary called "The Great Taking."  It is a stunning plan to steal almost all wealth and legally not be required to pay one red cent for it. 

The plan is in the process of unfolding now. DRW explains,

"The core of what I am showing here is about securities, stocks and bonds.  I also go into the good old fashion way of doing it, which is taking anything encumbered with debt. 

That's been done for centuries.  They create a cycle where there is a fall in price, and then anyone who is in debt is in trouble, and the collateral is taken. 

This was the big hammer in 'The Great Taking 1.0,' which was the Great Depression. 

In this go-around, 'The Great Taking 2.0,' that is taking things that are not encumbered with debt...

There is very sophisticated subterfuge that has been put into place...

They have worked for half a century to put this in place.  So, it is quite deliberate.  This is not an accident."



2023-11-14 -- Ernest Hancock with David Webb (The Great Taking)

Program Date: 12-13-2023

This show played on LRN.FM and on the Free Talk Live Network/Genesis Network and is a repeat for the morning time slot: David Webb (The Great Taking - book and documentary) comes on the show to discuss the deep financial waters, exposing
(VIDEO File has Not been edited for length)