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Prediction Consensus: What The 'Experts' See Coming In 2024

•, by Tyler Durden

In this now fifth year of our Prediction Consensus (part of our comprehensive 2024 Global Forecast Series), we've summarized 25 of the most common predictions and forecasts by experts into a single visual of what's expected to happen in 2024.

Drawing from our predictions database of over 700 forecasts compiled from reports, interviews, podcasts, and more, Visual Capitalist's Niccolo Conte created the Prediction Consensus "bingo card" and this article to offer an overview of the most cited trends and opportunities that experts are watching for the rest of the year.

The Economy and Markets in 2024

Based on the hundreds of economic forecasts and predictions we've sifted through, many analysts and experts share similar views on what's ahead for inflation, interest rates, and economic growth in 2024.

Inflation: After inflation's steady decline across economies in 2023, many analysts see inflation continuing to cool off towards target levels. While some note that the last stretch to these targets could be the toughest, few foresee the possibility of inflation surging again like we saw in 2022.

Interest Rates: With inflation largely expected to be tamed in 2024, every major bank and institution forecasts interest rate cuts by the Federal Reserve, European Central Bank, and Bank of England by the middle of the year. Forecasts from analysts on how much rates will be cut vary between three and six cuts, with Federal Reserve board members themselves forecasting two to three cuts.

Markets: With interest rate cuts on the horizon, experts have echoed tentatively positive forecasts for both stocks and bonds in 2024. Falling rates should see bond yields fall as well, while equities should continue to benefit from the growing AI theme. Portfolio diversification is a common theme in the 2024 investment playbook, especially as geopolitical risks loom.

Real GDP Growth: The outlook for growth around the world is muted. Global GDP growth forecasts range from 2.5-3%, which is slightly lower than the 10-year average (2013-2022) of 3.1%. The U.S. is also forecasted to see slowing growth, with the IMF's forecasts of 2.4% in 2023 moving down to 1.5% in 2024, while Europe is also expected to continue seeing slow growth at 0.9% in 2024.