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Bibi Rejects Palestinian Statehood, Biden Says Bombing Yemen Doesn't Work...


Benjamin Netanyahu said he opposes Palestinian statehood and that Israel must control everything from the river to the sea on the same day Joe Biden said the repeated bombing of Yemen isn't deterring Ansarallah but they're going to keep bombing anyway. 

"In any future arrangement … Israel needs security control over all territory west of the Jordan River," Netanyahu told the press on Thursday, saying he has made this position clear to the White House.

Asked by the press on Thursday if the strikes against the Houthis are working, Biden replied "Well, when you say 'working'?—?are they stopping the Houthis? No. Are they going to continue? Yes."

An unusually honest day for empire managers.

Zionism does not work. It was tried, and it turns out it doesn't work. If the forced existence of your artificial ethnostate requires ceaseless war and the periodic massacring of large numbers of children, then your plan for your artificial ethnostate isn't working out and a new plan is needed.

Talking about October 7 without talking about the mountains of Israeli abuses which gave rise to it is the same as lying.

Normal person: It's bad to massacre tens of thousands of civilians. 

Crazy person: Oh so you're saying you hate Jews then. You're saying Jews shouldn't defend themselves. You want all the Jews to die so there won't be any more Jews because you hate Jews. Jews Jews Jews Jews Jews.

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