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Commercial flights becoming insanely dangerous as virtue-signaling airlines hire based...

•, Cassie B.

Close calls involving commercial flights have been happening with greater frequency recently, and many of them are being attributed to human error. From air traffic controller mistakes to pilot errors, the number of close calls has reached a level so concerning that the New York Times launched an investigation into it this summer. As the incidents continue to pile up, many people are asking what is behind the phenomenon, and one big part of the answer is Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) hires.

Journalist Ashley St. Clair shared some disturbing information about an incident that took place on July 29 in which a United Airlines plane suffered from a hard landing and was nearly totaled.

The info she obtained indicated that the copilot of the plane was a former flight attendant who had been fired from their post and then rehired as part of United Airlines' DEI program, even though their name appeared on a list of employees who could not return to the company. Moreover, the individual reportedly failed numerous trainings, including the crucial simulator training that pilots must undergo.

St. Clair implied that it's not the first time something like this had happened and that United has a history of covering up disasters involving DEI hires.

She asked: "Was the #2 at the Denver hiring center also onboarded through DEI? Did she or did she not change fail grades for DEI hires because "it makes the numbers look bad"? Did the instructor who failed this co-pilot ask corporate why they passed him?"

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