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Hundreds of Biden administration employees plan to WALK OUT of their jobs next week...

•, by Will Potter

Hundreds of Biden administration employees and federal staffers from more than two dozen agencies are set to walk off the job next week in protest of the White House's handling of the Middle East crisis.

An anonymous internal cabal calling itself 'Feds United for Peace' have organized the strike for Tuesday, marking 100 days of Israel's siege on Gaza, according to AI Monitor

The move is reportedly fueled by growing resentment inside the administration over Biden's unwavering support for Israel's military bombardment of Palestine, which has killed upwards of 23,000 people, mostly civilians

There are concerns that Biden's support for the conflict is costing him significant political currency, particularly with young voters, just as his 2024 re-election campaign heats up.

The walk out is a drastic departure from how top federal employees have shown their disapproval toward White House policy in the past, which was typically reserved to media leaks or public resignations over policy. 

But the organizers, who have remained anonymous, say they are intent on changing direction from within, and they expect 'easily hundreds' of staffers to join their efforts on Tuesday. 

They say they have commitments from people inside 22 federal agencies for the strike, including from the Executive Office of the President, the National Security Agency, Homeland Security, Defense Department, and the FDA. 

The Biden administration has so far sent upwards of $14 billion to Israel alongside significant military support, with United Nations estimates placing the number of displaced Palestinians since at 1.9 million people - 85 percent of its population