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Jim Jordan Launches Investigation into Fani Willis Corruption


The timeframe of the funds suggests the DOJ granted Willis federal funds to finance former President Donald Trump's prosecution.

Jordan sent a letter to Nathan Wade, a Willis associate, requesting documents and information about the coordination of Willis's office with politically motivated probes and alleged misuse of federal funds.

Jordan's letter comes after a Monday court filing by Mike Roman, a political operative and co-defendant of Trump in the Georgia election case, who alleged four explosive facts about Willis's conduct while prosecuting Trump:

Nathan Wade, Willis's lead prosecutor in the Trump case, had an "improper" relationship with Willis.

Wade's law firm used funds paid by the county to take Willis on luxury vacations by using potentially fraudulent payments.

Wade was appointed without the required approval by authorities and had little to no prosecutorial experience.

Wade met twice with President Joe Biden's White House counsel before indicting Trump in August, calling into question if the White House coordinated prosecuting Biden's 2024 political opponent.

In the letter, Jordan raised six concerns about Willis and Wade's alleged wrongdoing and questioned if the $14.6 million in grant money financed the Trump prosecution:

The FCDAO reportedly compensated you using a concoction of comingled funds, including monies confiscated or seized by the FCDAO and monies directed from Fulton County's 'general' fund. The Committee has information that the FCDAO received approximately $14.6 million in grant funds from the Department of Justice between 2020 and 2023 and, given the enormous legal fees you have billed to the FCDAO, there are open questions about whether federal funds were used by the FCDAO to finance your prosecution. In fact, on one day—November 5, 2021—you billed taxpayers for 24 hours of legal work, attesting that you worked all day and night without break on a politically motivated prosecution.