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Scoop: Biden warned to stop bringing big donors to Oval Office

• Axios

President Biden was advised last year by the White House Counsel office that giving big-dollar donors tours of the Oval Office might raise legal issues and he has since stopped the practice, according to people familiar with the matter.

Why it matters: Biden has been hosting donors inside the White House residence for private meals and briefings, to help energize them and convince them that he has a plan to beat former President Trump.

• The donor outreach has caused some concern in the White House Counsel's office, which has allowed the lunches and dinners to proceed with clear restrictions, including on where the meals can take place and who can attend.

• Biden has been known to show the Oval Office to many of his guests, but he decided to stop including an Oval tour for donors early in the campaign after issues were raised by the counsel's office. The exclusive briefings and meals are expected to continue.