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Hot Mic: Journos Caught on Tape Joking About Trump Assassination at Courthouse...

•, By Jim Hoft

A hot mic captured two journalists making jokes alluding to the assassination of former President Donald Trump while waiting for his arrival at a federal courthouse on Tuesday.

This troubling occurrence took place outside the E. Barrett Prettyman U.S. Courthouse, with news teams on standby, having set up their equipment along the anticipated route from the Trump National Golf Club in Virginia.

The former president is set to appear before the DC Circuit Court of Appeals following District Judge Tanya Chutkan's refusal to dismiss two motions that invoked First Amendment protections and presidential immunity.

Trump's lawyers argued that Trump is immune from federal prosecution for alleged 'crimes' committed while he served as US President.

"In 234 years of American history, no president ever faced criminal prosecution for his official acts. Until 19 days ago, no court had ever addressed whether immunity from such prosecution exists," Trump's lawyers wrote in a filing last month. "To this day, no appellate court has addressed it. The question stands among the most complex, intricate, and momentous issues that this Court will be called on to decide."

According to Mediate, the appeal is to be heard by a panel of three judges: Judge J. Michelle Childs, a recent appointee by Joe Biden; Judge Florence Pan, also a Biden appointee; and Judge Karen LeCraft Henderson, a veteran judge appointed by President George H.W. Bush.

During the wait, a live news feed from AP unintentionally captured a conversation between reporters positioned to capture Trump's entrance.

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