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Soft Landing or Hard Crash?

• Ron Paul Institute - Ron Paul

Ironically, while this evidence of the Federal Reserve's failure to maintain the dollar's value was going viral, stocks rose because investors believed the Fed had successfully engineered a "soft landing" by bringing down price inflation without causing a recession and would soon begin reducing interest rates.

Then, stocks fell at the beginning of the year when the release of the notes of the Federal Reserve Board's last meeting suggested the Fed would not hurry rate cuts. The likelihood of a delay in cutting rates was further increased by a "positive" December Jobs report.

The jobs report did show unemployment remaining low and wages slightly increasing, but the news was not all positive. One of the report's most troubling items is that a top source of increased wages is government. An increase in the salaries of government employees also increases government debt, which will have to be paid for by taxes. Since tax increases are unpopular, the government relies on the Federal Reserve to do the dirty work by purchasing federal debt instruments and thus creating more inflation. This inflation tax is the worst of all taxes because it is regressive and hidden.