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Cancer: Big Pharma Cure = Big Pharma Death

• - Helena Glass

In case you missed it, Biden is going to 'cure cancer'.   Apparently, NASA would be the venue for curing cancer given that cancer cells age faster in zero gravity.   Over the next 25 years NASA and Biden are going to work together to find a way to cut cancer deaths in half.   Which means they are not looking for a cure, they are looking for the next generation of Big Pharma with 36 debilitating side effects including a painful death.

The fact that the NASA space station will be disassembled by 2030 due to aging components with no alternative presently in place, is classic government jaundice in demanding more spending on NASA now.  The fact that Biden's noncure Big Pharma gravity treatment is hopefully onboard sometime in 2050 when Biden is 107 is also not discussed.  However, Merck and NASA are onboard for more funding from Taxpayers to research this noncure and build a private space station on behalf of Merck which is currently sitting on $110 billion in assets that it holds for funzies.

Full disclosure – I was recently diagnosed with my second bout of breast cancer.  The first time I had a biopsy 15 years ago they used a drill bit which like concrete drills splatters the fine particles – everywhere.   At the time, I thought it was pretty stupid, but that was the Protocol.   As a result, minutiae cancer cells were spread all over which requires radiation – which causes cancer.

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