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Killer Coverup - Scientists Misled Pentagon About Wuhan Research

• - Dr Mercola

Yet in the case of the COVID pandemic, all questioning and discussion about the origin of the virus have been dismissed as more or less irrelevant, and mainstream journalists have mysteriously steered clear of what could easily be one of the biggest stories of their lifetimes. As reported by Ridley:2

"The evidence that this virus probably came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology is now voluminous, detailed and strong.That an outbreak caused by a bat sarbecovirus should happen in the one city in the world that had been collecting hundreds of bat sarbecoviruses and experimenting on them is striking enough.

That it happened one year after that lab proposed inserting the one feature that distinguishes SARS?CoV?2 from all other viruses of the same kind makes it a heck of a coincidence.

That the virus was highly infectious from the start, highly attuned to human receptors and evolving comparatively slowly, implying it had been already trained on human cells, was a shock.

That the lab in question refuses to this day to release the database of the viruses it had been working on is as insulting as it is suspicious. The coincidences of time and place are truly spectacular …4

Millions are dead around the world and the most likely cause is an accident during a risky experiment in a laboratory. Should we not be learning lessons from that?"