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Peter Schiff: This Will Send Gold Off to the Races

• - Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff recently appeared on the Commodity Culture podcast to talk about gold. He said that while gold has done relatively well this year despite significant headwinds, we haven't seen anything yet. Once the markets realize inflation is here to stay, gold will be off to the races.

While the price of gold has been slowly climbing, especially over the last couple of months,  Peter conceded he thought it would have run much higher. But he remains bullish on gold.

I still think I am going to be proven right on how much gold goes up. It's just taking a lot longer to get there."

And he remains optimistic that there will soon be a year when the yellow metal increases several fold.

Whether that's going to be 2024, or 2025, or 2026, nobody knows, but I think it's coming."