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'He doesn't care': Internet slams Joe Biden after imprisoned ex-Marine Paul Whelan issue

•, by Kunal Dey

WASHINGTON, DC: In a desperate plea from behind bars in Russia, Paul Whelan, a 53-year-old former Marine, reached out to a reporter at CBS affiliate WTOP-TV in Washington, DC, on Sunday, December 24. 

"I feel alone. I feel that I've been left behind," conveyed Paul, directly appealing to President Joe Biden following the release of two other Americans-Marine veteran Trevor Reed and WNBA star Brittney Griner-from Russian detainment in 2022.

The ex-Marine added, "Biden is the guy that made the decision to leave me behind twice. He's the man that can bring me home." 

Last week, Paul spoke to the BBC, describing his situation as "a serious betrayal." 

Paul Whelan was convicted of espionage by Russia in 2020

Paul, a Michigan native, was initially detained by Russian authorities in December 2018 while attending a friend's wedding and later convicted of espionage in 2020, receiving a 16-year sentence of hard labor.

Both he and the US government vehemently deny the charges, considering them "baseless."

"Mr President, you promised to bring me home," appealed Paul appealed to WTOP, adding, "I'm still here. There has to be more that you can do to secure my release."

The ex-Marine remains incarcerated in a penal colony in the remote Russian province of Mordovia, located 350 miles east of Moscow. In November, he survived an attack by a fellow prisoner, although not seriously injured, as reported by his brother, David Whelan, to CBS News via email.