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American Meat Producers Heavily Invest in "Novel Protein" AKA Lab-Grown Meat and Bugs

• Organic Prepper - Marie Hawthorne

COP28 is wrapping up, and I'm never going to eat a chicken nugget again.  Why?  Because of the relentless drive toward getting "novel protein" (insects and cultured meat) into the food supply.

This year's climate summit was the first to extensively address food production.  There was a Food Systems Pavilion with eight thematic days, and one of those days was exclusively about how to "Advance Protein Diversification."

In other words, how to get people to eat stuff they don't want to.

The publishing industry is getting into this, too. You can find dozens of books that have been recently brought to market, earnestly promoting insects as food to save the planet. These are not to be outdone by books swearing that lab-grown meat will revolutionize food.

They discussed how to "push" consumers toward novel protein.

Discussions highlighted innovations in Israel, Brazil, Singapore, Denmark, and the Netherlands, all countries that have pioneered research in either insect farming or cultured meat.  The folks at the climate summit discussed "how we can push others toward the tipping point in protein diversification."