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What Happened? The Disappearing of Heinous Events as Agenda Building Continues

• - Gary Barnett

"When the flood of truth becomes a drought, the lush throats of liars shall shrilly fill the vacuum with their false fruit. None shall taste its maggoty putrescence and devour it whole."

Stewart Stafford

We live in a time where all that seems to exist as 'news,' is simply purposely manufactured perception, all predicated on building false narratives meant to disappear before the paint is dry, in order to hide the truth. These past four years have brought about one heinous event after another, and from every angle possible. Most all of these events eventually, if not nearly immediately, disappear from headlines as the next shoe to drop (plotted operation) takes its place. This has become the common denominator of reporting, and since the Zionist Israeli false flag 'attack,' the slaughter and brutal murder of innocent Palestinians at the hands of evil Zionists, most all other atrocious past events and false flags have been eliminated from the so-called headlines. It is my opinion, all of this is of course by design; purposely planned long in advance, in order to set up the masses for the imminent global rule that is sought by the ruling class.

Of course along the way more and more restrictive legislation, extreme regulation, mass surveillance methods, monetary, economic, and inflationary policies, and war and the threat of war, continues unabated; merely stages in the conspiracy to control the world and its people. In other words, it is like a step by step vial and corrupt foisting of terroristic events on the commoners in order to advance political agendas based on the stacking of false narratives one after the other; meant to keep the proletariat scared and confused at all times.