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Apeel: Separating Fact From Fiction (With Jenny Du)

• Beyond Labels Podcast - Joel Salatin

Today is a must-hear episode for anyone who eats fruits and vegetables.  Farmer Joel and Dr. Sina are joined by Jenny Du, the co-founder of Apeel.  

Apeel is a company that created a postharvest coating for fruits and vegetables with the goal of reducing food waste.  There is a lot of controversy around this product right now and many listeners have emailed questions and concerns, such as:

- Is the company funded by Bill Gates?
- Should we boycott Bragg's organic ACV b/c I saw a post online saying Bragg's is now using Apeel apples?
- Is the Apeel coating made from petroleum?
- Does it contain GMOs?
- Does the coating contain heavy metals?
- I heard the coating contains a pesticide and is being used on organic produce, is that true?
- Why are they putting coatings on our food?