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Migrants move into Boston's AIRPORT as 'sanctuary city' runs out of beds for them...


A group of migrants have been forced to move into Boston's Logan Airport as the 'sanctuary city' has run out of beds for them to sleep in. 

The party of up to 20 people, which includes babies, was seen sleeping underneath blankets on benches on Friday. 

They arrived in Boston as the Massachusetts shelter cap reached its maximum and there is deadlock over how best to spend $250million for emergency shelters. 

Those migrants have been put on a waiting list after the state's system for emergency accommodation hit a cap of 7,500 families last week.

Massachusetts has a right-to shelter law which requires it to provide housing for the homeless but Governor Maura Healey warned the state is out of room. 

Migrant families were seen sheltering at Boston Logan International Airport as the city continues to struggle with the sharp rise in demand for shelter. 

People were sleeping on benches with blankets over their heads and mothers were seen holding their infants inside the airport terminal.

The migrants are said to have arrived on a flight from San Antonio, Texas and their items were seen scattered across the floor. 

Governor Healey, a Democrat, warned others who are contemplating going to the Massachusetts that there is no more room.

'Massachusetts right now, in terms of a destination, winter's coming, it's going to get cold, we simply can't promise you a bed,' she said on Friday. 

State Police and airport workers moved migrants out of the airport terminals. 

Massachusetts Port Authority's interim CEO Edward Freni said: 'We have to emphasize that Logan Airport is not an appropriate place to house people.