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Nashville's Diversity-Obsessed Black Police Chief Hid Trans Shooter's Anti-White Manifesto

•, Revolver News

In screenshots obtained by Steven Crowder, Hale vented her murderous rage towards whites, whom she referred to as privileged "crackers." Despite being white herself, the shooter wanted to kill those like her. This rhetoric isn't found in the dark corners of 4chan. Anti-white hate is part of school curricula throughout the country. It's broadcast by television channels and popular films. And it goes viral on social media. The demented shooter was merely repeating what she learned from the society around her.

The Tennessee legislature has sought to combat that heinous ideology by banning Critical Race Theory and other harmful forms of leftist indoctrination in schools. The shooter's manifesto highlights the need for more to be done.

Yet, the police assiduously kept the people in the dark about the hateful manifesto. Officials even claimed the manifesto didn't express any specific political or social agenda. Recent reports have suggested multiple officers suspected of the leak have been suspended. And the chief of police, John Drake (more on him soon), has expressed extreme frustration over the leak. Although future developments could very well reveal there may be more to the manifesto than the anti-white hate, it is clear the police department would rather not notice the racial animus expressed by the confused transexual Hale.

Hale was taken down by heroic white officers from the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department. They saved several lives that day by rushing to put down the shooter. Sadly, their boss wants fewer cops like them. Nashville's black police chief John Drake's mission since taking office three years ago has been to make the force more "diverse" and compliant with the Left's police agenda. There could very well have been national pressure from Merrick Garland to suppress the manifesto, for reasons that may become clear in the near future. But a critical look at the Nashville Police Department reveals that suppressing the anti-white manifesto would have fit right into the mission at a local level.