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What They Didn't Want Us Reading

•, By Tom Woods

Our betters had given us a series of convoluted reasons for keeping them secret from us.

But they got out anyway.

I'm talking about the manifesto of Audrey Hale, the trans shooter who was going by the name "Aiden Hale" when she shot three nine-year-old children and three adults at The Covenant School in Nashville.

We had heard that Hale had some kind of "manifesto," but — what a surprise — the authorities decided we didn't need to see it.

One alleged reason it was never disclosed is that the parents of the deceased were said not to want it released, but we found out today that in fact they'd never even seen it.

Popular podcaster Steven Crowder released three pages from the manifesto today after they were leaked by an unknown source.

Nashville authorities aren't happy. According to the city's NewsChannel 5, "The Nashville mayor's office has confirmed they are working with Metro legal to determine how those images were released to anyone."

So I guess that means they're real; if they were fake, nobody would be trying to figure out how they'd been released.

The real investigation should be into why the manifesto hadn't been made public all along.

Everybody knew why the manifesto wasn't being released: it was obviously a rhetorically violent left-wing attack on people whom the official victimology considers to be oppressors, and our betters don't want leftism getting a bad image.