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ANARCHY IN ACTION: Crisis, Recovery and Miracles In Acapulco

•, Jeff Berwick

I am talking about that other time in Acapulco when ANARCHY HELPED PEOPLE. I even wrote a blog about it, and, surprise, it's like history is repeating itself. Which is, of course, what history does… as well as the people who refuse to learn from it. 

Back then, my wife, my children and a group of anarchist friends and family down here showed just how evil anarchy is when we helped out an entire small town that was wiped out by floods.

At the time, I created an Acapulco Recovery Fund on gofundme. It asked for a "target" amount to raise and since I had been single-handedly keeping the community afloat for a few days on $400 I typed in "$5,000" with no expectation of what would happen.

I then let my mostly libertarian and anarchist audience know about the issues and how there was zero government help for these people who were in dire straits. Quite soon after, our supporters from around the world surpassed our $5,000 target. (Watch out for photos and footage in today's video) 

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