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After the Jim Jordan fiasco in Congress, the GOP's traitors out themselves

• By Patricia McCart

The uniparty, that deep state bureaucracy that rules over us all, determined that the people should not have the Speaker of their choice.  

A clear majority of Republicans wanted Rep. Jim Jordan to replace Rep. Kevin McCarthy for good and obvious reasons.  But twenty-five members of the House GOP revealed themselves to be petty, sniveling, chumps who decided that the people should not have a say.  

They don't like Jordan because he was the founder of the Freedom Caucus and supports President Trump.  They hate Rep. Matt Gaetz because he upset their apple cart, that safe, wealth-producing space they so comfortably occupy in D.C.  

But Gaetz has been listening to the people.  He knew that we knew McCarthy was a classic RINO, an anti-Trump, pro-Pelosi operator who broke the promises he made to become Speaker.  He got Pelosi's misnamed "debt ceiling" bill passed with unlimited spending for two years.  He agreed to another CR, or, continuing resolution on runaway spending.  He did nothing about the promised impeachments of Merrick Garland, Alejandro Mayorkas, Christopher Wray and Joe Biden. He did nothing to even attempt a solution to the invasion over our southern border.  Like far too many of the rest of the Republicans, he was always and only working for himself and his donors and lobbyists, Sequoia Financial among them.