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It is called social credit and that artificially determined score based on your health and compliance will soon be used to determine who lives and who dies in the land of the New World Order! Will there be resistance?

The sides are drawn and the American people find themselves naked and alone! Mandatory vaccines are coming under threat of banishment or worse. The WEF has ordered nations to use backdoor information derived from communication companies granting access to the authoritarians who plan to incarcerate and exterminate billions, if needed, all across the planet.

What about the United States? With the advent of CBDC, smart cities, 15 minute cities, Biden's 30x30 Plan, etc, the stage has been set for the final stage of the implementation of global governance! With the loss of privacy, most people have already had their fate decided and they don't even know it!

The Sides Are Drawn

The coming civil war will consist of the present administration , the DHS, the Chinese, the Russians and the Canadians, who are obligated by treaty to assist our government to put down and American insurrection,  versus the American military and the American people. Could a guerrilla war succeed? Is America equipped to fight a guerrilla war? When the globalist purge begins, Americans will have no choice but to fight. 

Four Types of Conflict

Military strategists identify four levels of conflict; (1) nuclear war is the trump card of all conflicts; 2) conventional warfare; (3) guerrilla warfare; and, (4) terrorism. Terrorism is the least preferred option by any insurgent group. With terrorism, there is absolutely no hope of final victory because territory is never occupied. For that reason, nobody aspires to engage in terrorism if they have a viable alternative and the American people do have a choice given how well armed we are. However, terrorism arising out of a defeated guerrilla force is a distinct possibility as it would represent American guerrilla's fall back position should they be defeated. Please allow me to make one point perfectly clear, all of us, in these dire circumstances will be front line participants. Being a sheep will not ensure survival, it will only mean that you will die like a sheep. Most Americans will be targets of the occupation forces as the MIAC Report which labeled Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Second Amendment Supporters, Ron Paul Supporters, veterans and now Christians as domestic terrorists. Does it make a little more sense as to why DHS made these bold proclamations as to who is a  domestic terrorist? DHS understands and has demonstrated their understanding of these facts and has also prepared for what I just wrote about in the previous paragraph.

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How can you even have a guerrilla war when you don't even have a militia?

Comment by tittiger
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One thing is damn sure... I am not going to be part of this unconstitutional standing army. This will end the country as our fit young men will be thrown into the Ukraine meat grinder so that we can later be invaded by China and Russia. We should listen to the founders and reinstate the militias. Check this out for solutions: “What, sir, is the use of a militia? It is to prevent the establishment of a standing army, the bane of liberty. …Whenever Governments mean to invade the rights and liberties of the people, they always attempt to destroy the militia, in order to raise an army upon their ruins.” ~Elbridge Gerry, Fifth Vice President of the United States