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Dawn Of The AI Presidential Candidate: Meet The Chat2024 'Clones'

• By Philip Wegmann

On Wednesday, a new project called Chat2024 will roll out avatars of each major presidential candidate, allowing voters to ask the aspiring leaders of the free world absolutely anything. The era of the AI politician has arrived.

Ask if Hunter Biden is a crook, and an AI clone of Biden will respond first that "Hunter, like many Americans, has faced his share of personal struggles," and second, "that there's been no evidence of wrongdoing by Hunter." 

When pressed if he tried to steal the previous presidential election, an AI clone of Trump will insist that he has "always been about the truth," and that "the truth is there were irregularities that need to be addressed – I've never tried to steal anything."

Inquire about his war with the world's biggest cartoon conglomerate and an AI clone of DeSantis will say his "issue isn't with Mickey Mouse or any other Disney character," but rather "with the corporate decisions made by Disney, a company that has enjoyed special privileges in Florida for decades."