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Humanoid Robots Are Coming For Warehouse Jobs

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By: Jennifer A. Kingson via Axios

Humanoid robots are starting to work side by side with actual people in warehouses for the first time, moving heavy boxes and containers.

Why it matters: Labor-saving robots with dexterous fingers and a human appearance are expected to reshape the workforce in various fields, from eldercare and food prep to manufacturing and heavy industry.

• The trick is to get them to walk without falling, hold a charge long enough to be useful, and manipulate things without fumbling.

• The brass ring? Housework — because who doesn't want a robot to do the dishes and the laundry?

The latest: The newest humanoid robot, unveiled Aug. 23, is an all-electric model named Apollo made by an Austin-based startup called Apptronik.

• TApollo is 5 feet, 8 inches tall, weighs 160 pounds and can lift 55 pounds.(See a video of the bot in action.)

• T"Science fiction has promised us these for a long time," Apptronik CEO Jeff Cardenas tells Axios